If You’re Buying a Smith Mountain Lake Home, Ask Your Realtor These Questions. | Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate | Vicki Millehan

If You’re Buying a Smith Mountain Lake Home, Ask Your Realtor These Questions.

You’ve found your dream home and have asked your realtor to schedule a walk-thru, and it’s even more perfect in person than the listing itself. It takes everything in your power not to shout “I’ll take it!”, and you’ve barely made it past the foyer. Eager to commit, your brain draws a blank on that list of questions you had made prior.

When you’re standing face-to-face with your realtor in the perfect home, take a moment to ask them the following questions just to make sure that all your bases are covered.


“Is the price fair?”

Your realtor will definitely offer this information without solicitation, but just in case your ears are ringing from the sound of angels ushering you into your dream home, make sure you ask. You’re viewing the home through rose-colored glasses, while your real estate agent is viewing the property much more practically. Armed with knowledge of the local market, your agent will let you know if the price is fair or far too high.


“Is this property a part of a homeowners association and are there any upcoming assessments?”

If the home is part of a homeowners association, there may upcoming assessment fees that go beyond the monthly payment. These fees cover improvements or repairs within the development. Having this information beforehand will help you eliminate any unforeseen expenses, so ask your realtor to help you find the answer.


“Is there anything happening in or around this neighborhood that might affect home prices?”

Imagine finding out that a brand-new park or shopping facility is being developed right around the corner. Conversely, what if the gym down the street is moving to the other side of the county, or is closing permanently?

Experienced real estate agents know everything about their communities, so ask them if there are any exciting new developments planned for your area. The answer may play an important role in your decision to move forward.


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