What is Right-Sizing? | Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate | Vicki Millehan

What is Right-Sizing?

“Right-sizing” is a term that real estate agents use to describe the process of finding a home that best meets your needs in regards to the indoor and outdoor living space. Many times, realizing that a home is too big or too small starts the initial consideration of moving.

Unsure of whether or not it’s time to grow up or size down? Below are a few tips to help get the conversation started.

Too Many People; Not Enough Rooms

Sharing bedrooms can be fun for younger children, but as they grow up you might find that they need their own space and privacy. If you’re planning on expanding your family, but you’re maxed out on space, then it’s time to look for a bigger home.

Too Much (or Not Enough) Yard

If the sprawling acreage around you home has become too much to maintain, then consider downsizing to a smaller home in a maintenance-free living community. These developments outsource all yardwork so you don’t have to lift a finger. Conversely, if your backyard is crammed full of swing sets, patio furniture, and vehicles, it might be time to consider a home with a larger yard.

Mismatched Kitchen Space

If your family has to spread out into multiple areas to eat dinner, then upgrading to a home with a larger kitchen may be a priority. The additional space will allow for everyone to eat together, and also give you extra room for preparing meals. However, if you’re sitting in a larger kitchen with your spouse and overwhelmed by the amount of upkeep, then consider downsizing to a smaller condo or townhome with less kitchen space.

Upcoming Life Change
If you foresee your family growing in the near future (new baby, parents moving in, etc.) then it may be time to upgrade. If your children are headed off to college or have long since left the nest, then downsizing to a smaller home will free up time spent maintaining a larger home.

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