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Three Things That Make a Home More Difficult to Sell

An experienced real estate agent has worked with a variety of clientele, and as such, seen a lot of homes. A recent report spoke with real-estate agents and asked them their opinions on what made homes harder to sell. Here’s what they had to say:

An Unrealistic Price Tag
Your real-estate agent has valuable knowledge on how to price your home for the current market. Trust that they aren’t simply choosing a number at random. If your home is overpriced, then prospects are going to skip over your property for one that’s comparable in size and amenities, but at realistic price.

Mold and Other Environmental Problems
Having mold throughout your home is more than just a deterrent, it’s a health hazard. And structural issues such as a cracked foundation or buckling floors are major red flags to buyers. Contact a home inspector to identify potential environmental and structural threats in your home. He or she will run a series of tests to determine if you have mold, radon, or other issues, and then advise you on solutions.

Outdated Décor
Wall-to-wall shag carpeting and faux wood paneling may have seemed like a great idea in the 80’s, but today’s buyers are only going to see red. Having a home with wildly outdated décor makes it difficult for prospects to see anything outside of remodeling costs. Potential home buyers want to visualize how their belongings are going to look inside the home, which is nearly impossible if their fixated on your tacky wallpaper.

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Source: 11 Things that Make a Home Unsellable, According to Real-Estate Agents, Business Insider