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Are You Forgetting These Three Home Maintenance Tasks?

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can easily cause us to forget about small home maintenance tasks. With your home being one of your most sizeable investments, keeping up with your maintenance to-do lists could keep you from making costly, time-consuming repairs down the road. And while we all tend to remember items such as checking the batteries in our smoke detectors and cleaning our gutters, some of the smaller, more menial tasks can slip right by us.

Below is a list of common home maintenance tasks that are easily overlooked:

Clean Your Refrigerator Drip Pan: Chances are, you didn’t even know you had one. But you do, and it needs to be cleaned often. Why? Refrigerator drip pans are prone to mold growth, which is not the most appetizing thing to have near your food.

Flush Your Water Heater: Water heaters need to be flushed to remove dirt and sediment that can build up from within. Also, check the temperature of your water to make sure that it is below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature higher than that will result in scalding.

Reseal Your Grout: Grout is mostly made up of sand and cement, meaning that it absorbs water and bacteria. Resealing it annually will keep your grout looking its best for as long as possible.

Cleaning out drip pans and water heaters may not sound like an appealing afternoon task, but it’s far better than dealing with broken appliances and freezing 6am showers. Set up reminders in your phone or home calendar and give yourself a gold star for remembering these often-overlooked home improvements.

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