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Five Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

When you’ve made the decision to put your home on the market, you’re hopeful that the process is both short and rewarding. But what happens if your home has shown little to no interest since putting it on the market? Below are a few reasons why your home may not be selling:

Your Listing Isn’t Very Good

A well-written description and beautiful photos are sure to entice prospects, so work with your REALTOR to craft a great listing that gives buyers a reason to continue reading. Consider hiring a professional photographer and home stager. (Want to stage your home on your own? Check out our article on how to stage your home on a budget.)

You’re Hanging Around During Showings

This is your agent’s time to shine, so it’s best to be off the premises. Prospects are going to have questions about your home, some that may stem from harsh criticisms upon observation. Your presence might deter them from speaking off and turn them away from your home.

The Price Isn’t Right

If you’re home costs more than similar listings within the same area, then you’re going to get skipped over. Rely on your agent’s experienced assessment of your home’s value. They know the market and have researched the competition.

Your Home is Too Personalized

Neutralizing your décor will go a long way with potential buyers. By removing your personal items (collectibles, photos, etc.) you’re automatically decluttering, which opens your space up. Plus, you’re allowing buyers to visualize their own belongings in your home, which may motivate them to make an offer.

Your Home Needs Too Many Repairs

Buyers want to move in and start building their new lives in their new home. If they have to do a bunch of repairs before they can start unpacking, they may instantly lose interest in your home.

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