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Best Energy Efficient Upgrades to Entice Buyers

Competition is heating up in the housing market, and sellers are renovating their homes in hopes of enticing the best leads. With energy-efficiency and sustainability on trend, homeowners are anxious to upgrade their living spaces. With so many options to choose from, honing in on the most sought-after advancements will help increase your listing’s appeal to motivated buyers.

Below are a few of this season’s most popular energy-efficient upgrades:

Efficient Windows and Doors: While installing new windows and doors may not be the most exciting upgrade imaginable, it’s necessary for those wishing to create an energy-efficient home. New energy-efficient windows have multiple panes, which help with insulation, security, and soundproofing. And if you live in an older home, this upgrade is a must.

Solar Panels: Advancements within the solar panel industry have introduced fresh, innovative designs for homeowners. Older solar panels that connect via racks and wiring are being replaced by sleek panels that are integrated within the roof itself. The result is a more aesthetically-pleasing and energy-efficient solar roofing system. Some models can even be tracked via smartphone so that the owner can see exactly how much energy each panel is producing.

Smart Technology: Products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have made smart technology a must for home automation. These products work seamlessly with other smart home devices such as lighting systems, thermostats, security systems, and appliances. If you haven’t started the process of upgrading your home’s smart technology, now is the time to start.

The smallest upgrades affect your home’s energy efficiency, and will foster a more attractive listing to buyers who prioritize sustainability. If you’re unsure of where to start, ask your realtor for advice on which upgrades trend well in your market.

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