How to Make Moving Easier | Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate | Vicki Millehan

How to Make Moving Easier

Now that you’ve closed on your new home, the time has come to pack up your belongings. But as you look around, you notice that you have substantially more items than you did when you first moved in. Blame it on the addition of your little one or the Target that opened up a mile from your subdivision, but you are now face-to-face with rooms full of items that cannot stay.


Below are some packing tips that will help your move go as easily as possible:



If you’re moving a box that hasn’t been opened or touched since the last time you moved, then don’t take it with you. Instead, see what can be donated and/or throw the items away.


Don’t Wait Around

Waiting until the last minute will cause you to be rushed, which increases your chances of throwing things in garbage bags and cramming them into your trunk.


Hire a Moving Company

If your budget allows, hire professionals to move your furniture and belongings. However, personally transport your heirlooms, jewelry, medication, and important documents.


Pack Each Room Separately

This helps with unpacking as well. If you hire movers, they know where to unload the boxes. And you don’t have to empty out a box full of silverware to find your hand towels.


Have Supplies Handy

Get plenty of moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packaging tape.