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How to Protect Your Home from Wind Damage

Powerful winds can do a great deal of damage to your home if you’re not prepared. As we teeter between the final days of winter and the emergence of spring, we’re likely to see more wind storms in our forecasts. And since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, taking the time to windproof your home will save you time, money, and headaches in the future.

Secure Your Outdoor Furnishings: Having to replace seat cushions is a minor inconvenience but having your lawn furniture flying off your porch and into the side of your car is far worse. If we’re headed for windy weather, bring your lawn furniture inside. If you have a basketball goal that isn’t cemented into the ground, ask for help in laying it flat so that the wind doesn’t cause it to come crashing down.

Check Your Doors and Windows: If a windstorm is eminent, then consider covering your windows and storm doors to prevent the glass from breaking. Be mindful of French doors and sliding glass doors, as strong winds can hurl projectiles directly into them. Don’t forget about your garage door; high winds can rip a garage door completely off the structure.

Keep an Eye on Your Trees: If you have trees on your property, ask yourself what might happen if they fell toward your home. Are you in the clear, or would a tree crash into your living room? If you have trees too close to your home, consider having them removed.

Replace Damaged Siding and Roofing: Strong winds can pull siding panels off of your home, leaving you with damaged siding edges. Make sure you fasten any loose panels and replace damaged ones when necessary. Check your roof for missing shingles. Missing shingles leave your roof exposed to the elements, which could create an emergency repair issue. Contact a professional roofing company to replace missing shingles.

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